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Sustainability aims at conveying resources to next generations. To achieve this, it guides us about what we should do in economic, environmental and social aspects by considering any current requirements. Even if the first thing that comes to mind when it is said ‘sustainability’ is protection of the environment, sustainability should be considered in economic and social aspects in order to define it correctly. 

Environmental sustainability: As Mars Logistics, we manage our environmental effects in terms of power efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions and waste management. We try to prefer renewable sources when we select power sources. We measure our power consumption and determine what needs to be done to reduce our power consumption. In this scope, we review both our operational processes and support activities. We pay utmost attention to protect the environment when we select the sources we use for lighting and heating purposes, equipment that we use at our logistics hubs and transportation modes and trucks that we present to our customers. It is crucial for us that our business partners that we cooperate in the field of waste management operate in accordance with legal and other requirements.

Economic sustainability: We determined the components of our economic sustainability as operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Operational efficiency is also critical to maintain customer satisfaction for Mars Logistics. With operational efficiency, we aim to reduce costs and ensure that all our sources are used at optimum level. We utilize technology to render our operations sustainable. With our ERP applications and investments for trucks and warehouses, we offer services to meet requirements of our customers. We review our activities and implement improvement activities to render customer satisfaction sustainable.

Social sustainability: Our contributions to the society, satisfaction of our employees and their health and safety constitute the foundation of our social sustainability. As Mars Logistics, we direct our social investments to the projects that will support professional trainings and increase employment in our sector.

More than 9 thousand organizations in the world and more than 90 organizations in Turkey have so far prepared and shared a report on sustainability activities with their stakeholders* (GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database 2016 March data). As Mars Logistics, our first report was the first sustainability report that was certified by GRI in the Turkish logistics industry. With our second report, we became one of the first 10 companies in Turkey that published a report at the level GRI A+. We will increase and maintain our business concept that is sensitive to the environment and to the future of the world based on our preferences and projects and also with the support of all our stakeholders. 

Click to download 2012 Sustainability Report.  

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