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Mars Human Resources Management Systems aims to continuously develop the skills and talents of its employees and to dynamically prepare them for the future needs of the company through career development and career planning.

Separate development plans are kept for each of the employees under Mars Performance Management system, and training appointments are made according to these plans. Financial and Operational success criteria as well as competency-based individual performance management systems are applied in our group, and performance interviews are carried out twice per year. Also, special programs are implemented for our potential manager candidates under Talent Management Systems.

Internal and external trainings are provided under Training Management Systems and also E-Learning trainings are provided. New employees attend an Orientation Program to receive on-the-job training and collective trainings provided by process leaders. The aim of this program is to ensure that individuals learn business processes and adapt to our company rapidly. The purpose of our training and development activities is to ensure personal development of our employees, enhance their knowledge, skills and competencies and to ensure development of our company.

Working hours are between 08:30 and 18:30 on weekdays. The benefits provided by our company are meal, shuttle bus and private health insurance (Except for interns). Mars Logistics stands by its employees on their special days. Book is given as gift on birthdays and also gifts are given to those employees that get married and have a child. Social Activity Group that consists of the employees of Mars Logistics organizes various social and cultural activities such as excursions, bowling tournaments, sport activities.

We apply work and performance-based wage system at our company. We adjust wages on the basis of inflation in April.