Mars Air Sea Cargo Is Pretentious In Perishable Cargo Transportation

Jul 28 2021

With its perishable cargo transportation service, which it has been successfully carrying out for a long time, Mars Air and Sea Cargo delivers sensitive products to the desired destinations by making the right planning according to the special demands of customers.

The logistics of products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, flowers, where freshness is important, that need to be protected and transported with a certain temperature varying according to the product, is a subject that requires expertise and care. Turkey is one of the leading countries especially in fruit and vegetable export. Maintaining this position requires being careful while transporting these products.

Selmin Kahraman, Mars Air and Sea Cargo CEO, stated that they reach the whole world by air and seaway, and said: “Since the day we were founded, we have been transporting the products desired to be transported by establishing the right cooperation and by making the right planning according to the special demands of our customers. Our aim is to deliver our customer's product safely to the desired location, with the desired mode of transport. Perishable cargo transportation is a chain of logistics operations carried out using special equipment and organized by taking into account many criteria during transportation. Perishable cargo is transported mostly from Turkey to the Far East, the Middle East, Russia and Europe. When you look at the product range, cherries, figs, citrus fruits, tomatoes and fish go the most.”

“The most important point in perishable products is not to break the cold chain”

Stating that the most important criterion in the logistics sector is trust, Kahraman stated that their customers trust Mars and they are working diligently to reinforce this trust. Kahraman stated that the most important point in the transportation of perishable products is that the products are stored at the appropriate temperature during the process until shipment, storage and consumption, and that the cold chain is not broken: “The most important point in perishable products is not to break the cold chain. Transporting the product at the right temperature to its destination is the most important criterion in terms of maintaining the quality of the product. This affects the value of the goods transported and therefore the business of our customers working with us in export and import.

Kahraman said that: “In maritime transportation, we take the products that are carefully collected and pre-cooled in the warehouses of our customers, from our customers' warehouses and load them into Reefer containers. By providing the heat necessary for the product to stay fresh, we transport the containers to the points with electric units in the port by land transport vehicles with 'genset' equipment. Afterwards, the containers are loaded onto the ships close to the departure time.”

Kahraman explained the process of air transport of perishable products: “In air transport, the packaged products are brought to the airport close to the flight time and delivered to us. As soon as we receive the products, we carry out the necessary operations quickly and ensure that the products are taken to the cold storage. Then, we ship to airplanes and maintain the same temperature and deliver the products to their destination.” 

Stating that one of the important points in both sea and air transportation is the tracking system, Kahraman stated that the customer is aware of every step of the journey of the product and said, “Our customers can get detailed information from us. Documentation of products transported with special equipment is also special. We inform the customer during and at the end of the journey and ensure that the buyer can receive the products as soon as possible. In this way, high-quality products reach the buyer without losing their quality, and we prevent the shortening of the shelf life, which may be affected during the transportation of perishable products.”