Mars Air and Sea Cargo Has Won A Prize At Turkish Cargo Awards

Apr 19 2019

Mars Air and Sea Cargo was among the top five companies with Turkish Cargo. Mars Air and Sea Cargo CEO Selmin Kahraman, who participated in the 9th Agency Awards Ceremony organized by Turkish Cargo this year, evaluates the award they have received as follows: Mars Air transport is a business line that Mars Air and Sea Cargo has meticulously focused on. We are pleased to be among the companies that make the most transportation with Turkish Cargo in line with our wide business volume in this field. We are proud that we have not broken the tradition this year, as in previous years”.

"Turkish Cargo Agent Award Ceremony" brings together air cargo sector and many agencies operating in Turkey, which is one of the leading non-governmental organizations UTİKAD and Istanbul was held in Istanbul with the participation of senior managers of the airport. While the awards were given to the agencies in 17 branches for their contributions to Turkish Cargo, Mars Air and Sea Cargo was among the five most engaged agencies with Turkish Cargo and received awards in the related category.

Mars Air and Sea Cargo, the founding member of WIN (World Independent Network), an international network organization with 350 offices and 8350 employees in 77 countries on 5 continents, adds value to cargo companies by working with all airline companies around the world with its IATA and FIATA certificates. Company; with its wide agency network, qualified team and solid infrastructure covering the whole world, it provides full, consolidated, express, door-to-door, escorted, and multi-modal transportation services. Acting with the philosophy of being a strategic business partner of its customers, it offers perfect services such as charter aircraft hire, 3rd country transit transportation, perishable and dangerous goods transportation and guaranteed place with shipowners with its strong network throughout the world.

Mars Air and Sea Cargo CEO Selmin Kahraman said: Turkish Cargo is a company with which we cooperate in air transportation. We are happy to deliver the products we receive from our customers to the relevant places through Turkish Cargo. Considering the fact that the business volume of air cargo will increase exponentially with the new airport that has recently started to operate, we can say that cargo transportation will be moved to a different dimension. As Mars Air and Sea Cargo, we will always be with our customers in air transportation and will continue to carry their products with the right cooperation”.