154 Ton Project Transportation from Mars to Europe

Oct 11 2019

The 154 tons giant electric transformer produced in Ankara has been moved to Rotterdam, the Netherlands for testing. The route; sea and river roads were used throughout the transportation process. The electric transformer will be brought back to Ankara on the same route after testing.

On September 16, 2019, the 154-ton giant transformer departing from Ankara reached Rotterdam. The giant transformer, which weighs 154 tons and has a volume of 110 cubic meters excluding accessories, was first brought to Ankara Haydarpaşa Port by road from Ankara. The transformer, which was discharged to the river ship at the port of Rotterdam and downloaded to the test site, is planned to be brought back to Ankara at the end of 20 days via the same route.

Mars Air&Sea Cargo Project Sales and Operation Manager Ahmet Yüksek emphasizes that the large team is that consist of many expert is working meticulously during the transportation process, the transportation of heavy turbines, transformers and similar heavy tonnage loads is provided with differentiated solutions. Interim transport is a challenging part of logistics. All the bridges bypassed during the transporation of the transformer, which is 5.10 m high from the ground with its dumper, from Ankara to Istanbul by road, and this process was carried out in coordination with other teams. Subsequently, the transformer was safely transported to the ship in Haydarpasa port in Istanbul. The last step, electric transformer was transported to the port of Rotterdam and re-fixed by leaving the vessel on the river ship by limbo evacuation to be delivered to the final destination of Nijmegen. Having completed all these processes with great precision, our experienced team has started to prepare the transformer for the return route.

Stating that they have developed special solutions for the transportation of heavy tonnage and high volume cargoes, Ahmet Yüksek said, As Mars Air and Sea Cargo, we aim to provide our customers with the experience we have gained in project transportation. We provide fast, safety and advantageous transportation service to the desired point by coordinating our team in line with the expectations of our customers in terms of transportation of heavy tonnage and high volume loads. We offer all end-to-end stages of transportation such as full & part charter vessel rentals, intermodal & multimodal transports, port services, procurement of handling equipment, obtaining of road permits, escort vehicle supply and project-appropriate storage solutions for different cargoes.”