10 Million Euro Wagon Investment for Green Logistics from Mars

Mar 2 2022

Mars Logistics, one of Turkey's leading logistics companies, started 2022 with a 10 million Euro wagon investment. With this investment, Mars Logistics, which has incorporated 90 self-owned wagons, has the distinction of being the first company to export to Europe with its owner's wagons produced and registered in Turkey.

Having opened the Halkalı - Kolin railway line for use in the past months, Mars Logistics continues to act with an understanding of doing business that respects the nature by investing in environmentally friendly intermodal and railway transportation. Mars Logistics, which invested 10 million Euros in wagons, took its railway service to the next level by incorporating 90 wagons with this investment.

The first company to export to Europe with its owner's wagons manufactured and registered in Turkey

Mars Logistics Railway Deputy General Manager Erdin Erengül stating that they are the first company in Turkey to export to Europe with registered wagons, he said that: “Intermodal and railway transportation is an area that we prefer and focus our investments on because of its sustainable, environmentally friendly, reliable and high amount of load that can be transported in one time. We offer environmentally friendly solutions in optimum time with our intermodal lines. We will use the 90 wagons we purchased with our new investment on other European routes as well as on the German and Czech train lines, of which we are the operator.”

New investments and new lines are on the way

Stating that they provide intermodal transportation services with Trieste – Bettembourg, Halkalı – Duisburg and Halkalı – Kolin lines, Erengül underlined that new investments are on the way and said that: “We have planned our investments and strategies for intermodal and railway transportation for the next 5 years. We will increase the share of intermodal and railway transportation in our business volume with our new investments and new lines that we will announce very soon. In addition; We will focus more on green logistics, which we are currently working on.”

“Sustainability is an understanding that we attach importance to, emphasize and spread in all areas of our company. We take care to use sustainable methods in all areas of our company, especially in our transportation methods, and in our general operation. We meet the energy needs of our facility with our Hadımköy Logistics Center Rooftop Solar Power Plant project, and our facility's landscaping and fire water needs with our rainwater harvesting project. All vehicles in our fleet, which consists of 2,700 self-owned vehicles, are at Euro 6 level. With our documentless office portal, we carry out all our financial processes digitally. We prefer equipment and methods that will save energy in our warehouses, we use paper pallets made of recycled paper instead of wooden pallets.” Erengül stated that they are planning by emphasizing the understanding of doing business with respect to nature in new projects, and that they focus on sustainable alternatives in projects that have already started and are ongoing.