Women-Friendly Brands Awareness Award to Mars Logistics for the Second Time

Jun 6 2023

In the "Awareness Awards" program held at İş Sanat on May 24, with the main theme of "Transformation", the focus is on women and equality, in the business world, technology, art, sports, society and in all areas of life, women attain the equal representation and freedom that women deserve. The brands that struggled with all their might came together. Mars Logistics was awarded with the "Mars Driver Academy" in the category of "Women Employment and Equal Opportunity at Work" as a result of the evaluation of the selective arbitration committee.

Mars Logistics, which was awarded the Women-Friendly Brands Awareness Award with its Equality Has No Gender project last year, was awarded the Awareness Award this year with its Mars Driver Academy project.

Erkan Özyurt, Mars Logistics Deputy General Manager of Fleet Operations, who attended the ceremony, stated that they started the Mars Driver Academy with the emergence of problems in the sector during the pandemic period, and said that: “The Mars Driver Academy, which we started with the aim of increasing interest in the profession and moving this interest beyond gender, where we observe gender equality. We currently have over 200 driver candidates. Many of them have started to work actively in our fleet.” 

Stating that there are 24 female drivers in the academy, Özyurt said that: “We have seen together how successful women can be when they are given the opportunity to drive a truck with male hegemony. We wish to further develop, deepen and improve the project. Once again, I would like to thank our female drivers who have done very well.” .

Mars Logistics, which has updated the provision of 30% female employment in new recruitments added to the strategic goals of the company in 2022, to 50% this year, will continue to defend gender equality in all areas of the company and to say that Equality Has No Gender, with the thought that whether a job can be done well or not is not determined by gender.

Mars Driver Academy applications continue

Mars Driver Academy, which is the first in the logistics sector, is a project implemented by Mars Logistics in 2021, and applications of young people who are interested in the profession of truck driver but do not have the necessary training and documents are accepted. Male and female candidates who are at least 24 years old and have at least a Class B driver's license can apply to the project. Candidates of the Mars Driver Academy are given training, and the candidates who are successful in the exam to be held after the training start working in the Mars Logistics fleet.

With the project, it is aimed to provide jobs to young and enthusiastic female and male candidates who want to be a truck driver and to work in the sector, and to prevent the driver shortage experienced in the sector in recent years.

Believing in gender equality, Mars Logistics supports the view that doing a job better cannot be determined by gender, and supports this view at the Mars Driver Academy, which it has implemented. From the outside, it accepts the applications of female candidates to the academy, where truck driver training, which is argued to be not a woman's job with prejudice, is given.