Podişor Natural Gas Distribution Project Entrusted to Mars Air and Sea Cargo

Jun 6 2024

Mars Air and Sea Cargo, one of the Mars Logistics group companies, is carrying out the Podişor Natural Gas Distribution Project with its experience and expert staff in project transportation, which it has been providing professionally since 2008.

The Podişor Natural Gas Distribution Project supported by the European Union has been entrusted to Mars Air and Sea Cargo. In the Podişor Natural Gas Distribution Project, which started in November 2023 and is planned to be completed in October 2024, polyethylene-coated steel natural gas distribution pipes are being transported by open cargo ships. The materials loaded onto ships from Spain-Almeria, Algeria-Arzew, Turkey-İskenderun-Düzce-Hendek are discharged to the Romania-Constanta port area, stocked, customs clearance procedures are carried out, and shipments are made to the fields located on the pipeline route in line with daily demands.

Speaking on the subject, Mars Air and Sea Cargo Turkey Projects Sales and Operation Asst. General Manager Ahmet Yüksek stated that they have been serving in pipeline logistics under the energy sector for many years. Yüksek said, “As Mars Air and Sea Cargo Project department, we have been serving our customers with ‘boutique service quality’ since 2008. Our team consists of our friends who are experts and experienced in their fields. We have an important share in the sector thanks to our long years of experience. Like all project transportation, the Podişor Natural Gas Distribution Project requires very good planning and constant supervision. In the project, we ensure that the products produced in Turkey, Algeria and Spain supply the materials needed by competing with time in order not to delay the work of the contractor companies in the fields.”

Stating that Mars Air and Sea Cargo stands out in coordination and communication as well as in correct planning, process management and experience in project transportation, Yüksek explained the key points of project transportation as follows: “Project and heavy load transportation is the transportation of heavy, bulky, shapeless materials defined as non-standard from one point to another with sector-specific equipment and different modes of transportation when necessary. The most important difference that distinguishes project logistics from other logistics services is that it requires special expertise and meticulous planning due to its non-standard conditions, complicated and complex structure. Timing, optimum cost and safe transportation play a decisive role in project transportation. When carrying out project transportation, accurate calculations and planning should be made, documents should be prepared for the necessary legal regulations, applications should be completed in full, equipment suitable for the project should be used and all possibilities should be calculated and operational disruptions that may occur should be prevented before the process begins. We also emphasize these issues.”

Yüksek said that they will continue the Podişor Natural Gas Distribution Project in 2024 and concluded his words by saying, “We foresee that the second half of 2024 will gain commercial activity on the international platform, and we are shaping our work in this regard.”