Mars Became One of Turkey's Most Ethical Companies for the 5th Time

Nov 20 2023

Mars Logistics was awarded for the fifth time this year at the ETİKA Turkey's Most Ethical Companies Awards, organized annually by the Ethical Values Center Association (EDMER).

The award ceremony of the ETİKA Turkey Ethics Awards, which was initiated by EDMER and organized for the 11th time this year in order to raise awareness of ethics and business ethics, raise awareness of ethical understanding and raise awareness among young people, was held on November 8 and plaques were presented to the winning companies.

Companies' compliance with ethical practices was evaluated out of one hundred points, based on their answers to a total of 107 questions in 6 categories: Ethical Values/Ethical Culture, Reputation Management, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership/Creativity/Leadership and Compliance Management. This year, 22 companies were rewarded at the Etika Turkey Ethics Awards, where companies that are meticulous about continuing their activities based on business ethics and ethical values in their management are selected. Mars Logistics was among the most ethical companies in Turkey for the fifth time this year.

Ethical principles that must be followed, such as employees having a reliable and consistent stance, protecting commercial and private information, avoiding conflicts of interest, not accepting bribes, and rules of respect and courtesy, are published in the Mars Ethical Values Guide. In addition, the Internal Audit, Risk Management and Compliance Department organizes training for employees at certain periods.