Mars Says "Quit Smoking, Breathe Easy" and Gives Employees 3 Extra Days Off

Feb 9 2024

With over 2.850 employees and offering all logistics services to its customers in an integrated manner, Mars Logistics will give its employees who do not smoke and quit smoking an extra 3 days off with the Breathe Easy Project.

Speaking about the project to be launched on February 9, which was designated as World No Tobacco Day in 1987 by the World Health Organization as part of the fight against tobacco, Mars Logistics Human Resources Director Nihal Kansu said, "As it is known, smoking harms not only the smoker but also those around them. With the Breathe Easy Project, we will give 3 extra days off a year to our friends who do not smoke or quit smoking." 

"The health of our colleagues is more important to us than anything else. Unfortunately, we start thinking about our health when there is a problem with our health." Kansu underlined that tobacco use is the biggest cause of preventable health problems globally and explained the purpose of the project they will put into practice as follows: "With our additional 3 days of leave within the scope of our Breathe Easy Project, we aim to both support non-smokers and encourage our colleagues who smoke to quit."

Kansu said that all employees of Mars can benefit from the application set out with the slogan "Quit smoking, breathe easy" and added: "Our project will be implemented in the coming days with the rule of not using any cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco products."