500 Million TL Investment in Sustainability from Mars

Jan 21 2022

Mars Logistics, one of the leading companies in the sector, is expanding its focus on sustainability. Acting with the understanding of doing business respectful to nature and society since the day it was founded, Mars Logistics will invest 500 million TL in the field of sustainability.

Adopting the understanding of doing business respectful to nature and society since it was founded in 1989, and publishing the first Sustainability Report approved at GRI C level in the Turkish logistics industry in 2013, Mars Logistics offers all logistics services to its customers in a sustainable, quality and distinctive way. Expanding its sustainability investments every year, Mars Logistics will expand its activities in the field of green logistics with an investment of 500 million TL.

“Environmental management is an inseparable part of our business processes”

Speaking on the subject, Mars Logistics Board Member Gökşin Günhan said that: “As Mars Logistics, we constantly evaluate and manage the environmental impacts of our business processes. Environmental management is an inseperable part of our business processes and we aim to protect nature together with all our stakeholders.”

Günhan stated that they integrated the sustainability approach into all the processes of the company and said: “Our environmental impacts; we manage in the fields of waste management, energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions. Measuring our carbon footprint resulting from our activities and reducing carbon emissions are among the actions we aim for in the coming period.”

Focus on sustainability in all business processes

Stating that they focused on Developing Corporate Sustainability in their business processes in 2021, and that they will focus on this goal in the customer dimension by further developing in 2022, Günhan said, “The Rooftop Solar Power Plant investment, which we have realized in Hadımköy Logistics Center in 2021, is a tool to further reduce the age of the young fleet. investments, harvesting rainwater and reusing it in the facility, efforts to bring hazardous and non-hazardous wastes into a cyclical economy, expanding the use of pallets made from waste paper, recycling of pallets, zero waste practices, reducing paper consumption in offices, especially in financial processes, with a paperless office project are among the projects we have already implemented and will continue.” He stated that in road transport, railway transport investments, which provide the most efficient and the least emission continue.

Optimum time, maximum environmentalism with intermodal transportation

Günhan, said that intermodal transportation, which was started with the slogan of "Optimum time, maximum environmentalism" in Mars Logistics in 2012, once again showed its importance during the pandemic period, said that problems such as quarantine of drivers encountered in road transportation, waiting at border gates, visa problems, which are environmentally friendly transportation models, are railroad transportation models. and intermodal transportation, he stated that they provide intermodal transportation services with Halkalı - Duisburg, Halkalı - Kolin and Trieste - Bettembourg lines.

“New investments on the way”

Günhan underlined that new investments are on the way in this journey where they follow financial sustainability and said: “We will increase the share of railway transportation in our business volume with our new investments and lines that we will announce very soon. Environmentally friendly production and transportation is one of the biggest criteria for the European Union, which creates its future policy within the framework of the 'Green Deal'. We also continue our processes of adapting to the European Green Deal practices.”