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We provide rational, added value services.


As Mars Logistics, we aim to reduce total operation costs of our customers and improve processes during supply chain. We develop various storage services such as storage for one customer or shared storage, export loading platform, cross loading platform, distribution hub etc. at Hadımköy,Tuzla, Tepeören, Şekerpınar, Esenyurt, Bursa, Adana, Ankara, Eskişehir and İzmir logistics hubs or at our customers’ own warehouses. As Mars Logistics, we provide duty-paid and duty-free services in our total 174.100 m2 indoor and outdoor warehouses at our 13 logistics hubs.

Added Value Services

As Mars Logistics, we can ensure competition advantage in own industries of our customers, create added value for them during all processes of the supply chain and ensure that our customers operate with more efficiency and productivity at each point of these processes. All necessary added value services such as quality control, barcoding, labeling, product combination, re-packing, handling, packing, packaging etc. can be provided in accordance with customer requirements.

Besides, services such as Inventory Follow-up, Inventory Management, Order Management,  Damaged / Quarantine Stock Management, Product Count, Booked Distribution, 24/7 Mall Distribution, Distribution Service throughout Turkey, Reverse Logistics Services,  Alert System Installation, Scrapping and Discarding services etc. are also provided by our logistics hubs based on requests of our customers.