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Mars has the youngest and most powerful logistic fleet of Turkey's. In addition to € 30 million fleet invested in 2018, they will continue to grow with € 18 million investment in 2019. Mars Logistics plans to increase the number of flights and to implement new routes for intermodal transportation services preferred by its customers due to its contribution to the environment and serving in transit times.

Mars Logistics, which creates countless differences in the logistics sector and constantly presents innovations to customer, continues investments. In addition to its fleet, which was strengthened by adding 275 trucks and 330 trailers in 2018, Mars Logistics plans to invest € 18 million in 2019 and plans to increase the number of existing lines in the intermodal transportation service and to open new lines. With a fleet of 2,650 units, Mars Logistics has delivered 600 trucks and 100 containers per week to all European Union countries, North Africa, Turkic Republics and The Balkan Countries. Mars usually determines the route Turkey's trade volume according to logistics, Spain, France and a very busy highway traffic is performing his campaign in Germany with mutual line. Mars Logistics breakthrough in the field of international transport "Optimal duration, maximum environmentalism" with the slogan in 2012 added in addition in the May 2018 Luxembourg intermodal current line launched by Turkey Duisburg intermodal line with week 18 train output is performing. 96 hours serving the transit time Turkey-Duisburg line and other intermodal transportation services with an eco-friendly carrying green logistics transport model implements Mars Logistics, but also efficient and cost makes its logistic support, it provides services in transit time. Mars Logistics, which will continue its intermodal transportation investments in 2019, plans to increase the number of its existing lines while continuing its research for a new intermodal line in Scandinavian and Eastern Europe.